Company Profile

Corbel Design, Inc. is a consulting design firm, which was formed in 1993 as a Sole Proprietorship company and has been incorporated in 1997. We offer full Architectural, Landscape Architectural, Interior Design, Roof Consulting and Planning services. The firm received its minority status in June of 1995 from the state of Florida and subsequently from Orange County, Volusia County, City of Orlando, Duval County School Board, JAXPORT Unified Certification Application Process (UCAP), Florida Department of Transportation, Central & North Florida Minority Supplier Development Council (CN-FMSDC), and graduate of Section 8(a) Federal Certification. This office is created by staff with strong and extensive prior experience in their field of practice and strive to bring these services in expert and efficient way to our clients. These expertise vary in numerous building types such as Health Care, Criminal Justice, Commercial, Entertainment, Industrial, Educational and Roof Consulting.

We are a fully automated firm. All construction documents are prepared and produced using Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD). Our expertise in production of construction documents using CADD system, along with other various graphic and administrative software, enable us to better adapt to our client’s needs and preferred operating systems in order to satisfy their requirements. We utilize most advanced communication methods to facilitate contact and exchange of data between our office, the client, our consultants and contractors.

We are pleased to introduce our firm and offer our design services for your present and future projects.

Our Design Philosophy

 Corbel Design, Inc. is a firm dedicated to design and construction quality. Its foundation is based upon providing the best and most efficient service to the client resulting in a functional and visually pleasing environment. Our work efforts are concentrated to produce such environments and co-operate with our clients in order to achieve the best result in most efficient way. This firm believes in creating good design, hand-in-hand, with good execution and detailing that will support the esthetics and functionality of the design and will maintain the project in long run. We strive to utilize our vast experience in various fields of design and focus our knowledge to perform the work, and produce the result that will be our pride as well as our client’s; While remaining responsible to the surrounding environment and social standards in which the project is to exist.