Architecture - Roof Consulting - Planning


Full architectural services including design, production of construction documents and specifications for permitting, construction administration, and project management.

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Design of new roof systems and re-roofing projects, detailing and roofing specifications for new and renovation roofing projects, and roof construction administration.

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Roof Consulting

Urban design, city planning, urban revitalization, traffic study and design, and process planning.

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Corbel Design, Inc. is a firm dedicated to design and construction quality. Its foundation is based upon providing the best and most efficient service to the client resulting in a functional and visually pleasing environment. Our work efforts are concentrated to produce such environments and co-operate with our clients in order to achieve the best result in most efficient way. This firm believes in creating good design, hand-in-hand, with good execution and detailing that will support the esthetics and functionality of the design and will maintain the project in long run. Environmental issues such as energy efficiency, material recycling, use of green products, and waste reduction are part of our considerations in pursuit for design quality. We strive to utilize our vast experience in various fields of design and focus our knowledge to perform the work, and produce the result that will be our pride as well as our client’s; while remaining responsible to the surrounding environment and social standards in which the project is to exist.